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Home & Office Door Lock

  • Specification
Cost Efficient Electromagnetic Lock 600lbs - ALGATEC UL275C-SPN
Key Specifications
Cost Efficient 600lbs Electromagnetic Lock (LED with lamp indicator)

Product Features:

1) A Cost Efficient 12Vdc 600lbs EM Lock feature Vandal Proof function

2) Vandal Proof type - with armature plate & mounting nuts are invisible.

3) Electronic kick-off features with no ejector-pin at armature to cancel magnetic residual and replaced by electronics. No moving parts, hence, no more maintenance.

4) Zero residual magnetism.

5) Ease Installation with low maintenance & low energy consumption made it become a cost saving product.

6) This EM Lock operate quitely & care free.


Magnet Size: 250 x 42 x 26 mm

Armature Size: 180 x 38 x 11 mm

Holding Force: Up to 600lbs

Current Drain: 480mA±10%/12Vdc

Temperature: (-10 to 55) °C (14 to 131) °F

Weight: 2.0kg

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