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  •          Vehicle GPS Tracker                                                                                                                  

Vehicle GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially designed for vehicle tracking. It combines GSM+GPRS+GPS wireless communication technology, with A-GPS function the device can easily achieve extreme fast positioning (Cold start < 10s). Vehicle GPS tracker is ultra-thin, easy to install, maintenance free, built-in high sensitivity GPS chipset and antenna enables it to fast and precise locating even in the concrete jungle. Its built-in 3-axis accelerometer extends battery life through sophisticated power management algorithms. Users can use cell phone, PC or SMS to locate the vehicle’s real-time position and driving paths. 

  •            Geo-fence

Restrict vehicle’s movement within a district by setting up the geo-fence. The device will send message to the authorized number automatically when it’s IN/OUT of the fence.

  •            ACC Detection

Update and report the vehicle’s status quickly and accurately. 

  •            Playback

History of the past 60 days will be preserved. And you can check the speed, direction, time, etc.

  •            Tele-cut Offpetrol/electricity

Send command through SMS or tracking website to cut off the electricity/petrol connection of the vehicle, leaving the illegal user hopeless.

  •            Save data up to 90 days

View the past three months driving history if necessary.

GSM Specification:-


Content : Specs.

Frequency : 850/900/1800/1900MHz

GPRS  : Class 12, TCP/IP

Memory  : 64 MB

Phase error : RMS phase error<5, Peak phase error<20

Max. RF output power : GSM850/GSM900:33±3db

GSM chipset : MT3326

Frequency : L1,1575.42MHz C/A code

GPS channel : 66 channels

Positioning accuracy : <10 meters



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